DNS Alternate Sample Domain Zone file

This file (pri.example.com) is the alternate sample zone file used throughout this Chapter and has the following characteristics.

  1. Two name servers are used both internal (ns1 and ns2) to the domain
  2. The mail service is internal to the domain
  3. FTP and WWW services are provided by the same host
  4. There are two hosts named bill and fred
  5. The host address are all in the class C private address range (a slightly artificial case)

The Resource Records are all defined separately.

$TTL	86400 ; 24 hours could have been written as 24h or 1d
$ORIGIN example.com.
@  1D  IN	 SOA ns1.example.com.	hostmaster.example.com. (
			      2002022401 ; serial
			      3H ; refresh
			      15 ; retry
			      1w ; expire
			      3h ; minimum
       IN  NS     ns1.example.com. ; in the domain
       IN  NS     ns2.example.com. ; in the domain
       IN  MX  10 mail.example.com. ; internal mail provider
; server host definitions
ns1    IN  A  ;name server definition  
ns2    IN  A  ;name server definition 
mail   IN  A  ;mail server definition            
www    IN  A  ;web server definition
ftp    IN  CNAME  www.example.com.  ;ftp server definition
; non server domain hosts
bill   IN  CNAME  mail.example.com. ; avoids cname on the MX RR
fred   IN  A 

The CNAME Resource Records allow the 'ns1' and 'www' servers to provide additional services. The associated reverse map zone file is provided.

Pro DNS and BIND by Ron Aitchison


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